Attuned to perfection

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The Story

We're always on the lookout for whiskey with promise, unique whiskey we find across the wide expanse of the US that's worthy of bringing to our distillery in the heart of Atlanta. We finish these whiskies mere paces away from our Scottish-style twin copper pot stills.

Our standards

While we pass on most of the whiskey we samples - much of it doesn't meet our expectations, after all - the batches we ultimately invite to our distillery are ones of the utmost quality, with something unique about them. You won't find a rehash of something that another distillery or brand has already bottled here. Instead, you'll find a whiskey not only compelling but one that often carries the indelible mark of our finishing touch.

How we finish our whiskies

We finish all the whiskies in our Fiddler line in-house using a host of different methods, depending on the batch - from quarter casks to Georgia heartwood staves.

Prior to bottling, we call a round-table with our team, including our head distiller, a fifteen-year veteran of making craft beverages, and our grassroots liaison, a Certified Specialist of Spirits. We blind taste all the variations we're considering and come to a consensus to ensure the quality of the whiskey in your bottle. Meet our team here

Innovation carries the day

With Fiddler, we have the opportunity to explore whiskies from all parts of the globe and, in the process, elevate the rich whiskey traditions of the United States to include transparency and the type of innovation that only an artisan distillery dedicated to the craft of making and enjoying whiskey can bring. Fiddler stands alongside our own double-pot-still rye, bourbon, and malt whiskeys as a true ode to American whiskey.


The Batches

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Batch 1


Description & Mash Bill

Batch 1 is a high wheat masterpiece. The wheat lends a soft, silky texture and salted caramel, while the corn combines with the new American oak barrel to provide fresh citrus notes and warm touches of wood. 

51% corn, 45% wheat, 4% malted barley

Release Dates

Release 1: November 2016

Release 2: January 2017

Release 3: June 2017

Release 4: Late 2017 or Early 2018


Release 1: Char 3 quarter casks blended with char 4 standard 53-gallon barrels

Release 2: Finished with Georgia white oak heartwood staves placed in the barrels. We harvested this Georgia oak in Jackson County, Georgia, seasoned it for over a year, and charred the staves of this heartwood before placing it in the 53-gallon barrels for the final two months of maturation.

Release 3: An "unfiddled" release, showcasing the bourbon as a Straight Bourbon Whiskey without employing any finishing techniques.

Release 4: We're keeping this one close to the chest for the time being. 


Release 1: Caramel, vanilla, citrus, baking spices

Release 2: The caramel, citrus & baking spices from Release 1, with additional graham cracker and maple notes from the Georgia Heartwood staves

Release 3: Forthcoming

Release 4: Forthcoming